Top 3 Options Trading Strategies

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If it wishes to participate in the options on action it is necessary to have a series of strategies that can follow to try to make money this way. Needless to say that with this type of strategy consistÃa in which you must learn mÃs that can before at least trying to make money. He is not as simple as to buy action, apoyÃndose in them and the hope of which aumentarÃof valor.Asà that we throw a look to three forms to make money with the options on acciones.1. The work on a time scale smaller than harÃa with the normal actions. It always remembers that you estÃinvesting sà ³ in the short term. One opcià ³ n sà ³ mantendrÃabierto during perÃodo of specified time. Asà that we say for example, his opcià ³ n is " live " during four weeks. You need to do his decisià ³ n on if to buy or to sell in perÃodo of time mÃshort s that. If other people estÃn thinking about buying one opcià ³ n that wants to see a good amount of time that it is of her. Otherwise, estÃbuying something that estÃon the verge of expirar.2. Hedge its bets to have mÃs options. ÂSometimes there are oÃdo to speak of one opcià ³ n of sale? You if you begin to become jumbled in options on action. The possibility that always exists one accià ³ n depreciates its value, and if you think that this podrÃa to happen that you can buy one opcià ³ n of sale that actúa like one pà ³ heddle of insurance against this possibility. If it is dropped in the value that can sell in the level that " asegurados" in its stock. ³ n of sale is one opcià and must buy in advance if you think that you have one accià ³ n that pasarÃto the one of value instead of upwards. This means that it is possible to make money even if one accià ³ n in particular lowers in valor.3. To buy the actions with one opcià ³ n of purchase. The options on action mean that you have options – does not mean in fact that the own actions. Asà that if you want to buy it because it thinks that it is going to him to go for above in value in a certain point, is necessary to exert one opcià ³ n of purchase to do it. Whereas some sà ³ the investors every time adhere to use the sale options, some también to buy action with purchase options. This gives the opportunity them to take posesià ³ n from that poblacià ³ n.Asà that carefully considers each of these aspects before deciding that the options on action strategies of negociacià ³ n that you wish to occur of use. And mà remembers that the knowledge has,s possibilities must to obtain a benefit of them.

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