Forex Technical Update 10/04/2010 – US Dollar Crosses Starts Week Quietly Ahead of Event Risks

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Forex Technical Update 10/04/2010 The EUR/USD is sliding to start the week, ahead of ECB’s policy decision on Thursday. The GBP/USD is in consolidation ahead of BoE’s meeting on Thursday, but is showing a bullish bias today. The decline in USD/JPY is stalling above 83.00, with the BoJ looking to conclude its meeting in the upcoming Asian session. The USD/CAD broke below last week’s range support, and is heading to more significant support levels. The AUD/USD pair may be forming a double top in the short-term ahead of the RBA’s policy statement in the upcoming Asian session. The event risks are complicated by Friday’s NFP, so there may be a choppy week ahead. Let’s take a look at these charts. Fan Yang CMT

Forex Technical Update 9/24/2010 – Yen Strength versus Intervention Fear

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Forex Technical Update 9/24/2010 Fan Yang CMT I am going to go over some Japanese –Yen crosses. The USD/JPY is hovering above 84.00. The Euro is strong and rallying against the Yen. The Sterling lost to the yen, but is in a bullish attempt by the end of the week. The AUD/JPY topped off, but has not confirmed the topping action. The CAD/JPY declined most of the week, but is supported above the previous consolidation zone. As expected since the intervention, the CHF/JPY is indeed the only one with a bullish attempt. By week’s end however, the Japanese yen pared some of the week’s losses.

Forex Technical Update 9/28/2010 – USD/JPY’s Slide Brings Intervention Speculation

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Forex Technical Update 9/28/2010 USD/JPY is sliding towards the levels right before the intervention a couple of weeks ago. There should be some support ahead. The Euro continues higher against the Yen, Pound, and US Dollar. Gold rallies after a quick retracement. Finally AUD/USD extends towards swing target, and USD/CAD remains in sideways range. Fan Yang CMT

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