Forex Trading Strategy ? a Simple Method for 100% + Annual Gains

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The Forex trading strategy we are going to look at here is not complicated and anyone can do it, but if it is executed correctly it can make you triple digit gains or more with very little effort or monitoring.

So here is your simple forex trading strategy for big gains.


The first place to start is with the fundamental supply and demand situation.

This sets the tone for the longer term trends that last for months or years and these are the trends you want to be in on.

Currencies move in line with these fundamentals longer term and you are really looking for strong GDP growth. If you look at the currencies that did best against the Dollar this year its countries with strong GDP and Australia led the pack against the dollar.

Two Countries that have economies that doing well compared to the US at present are Australia and Canada and these are set for far higher prices into year end.

Getting In on The Action

Currencies trend for years we all know that but its getting in on the trends that is the hard part and your aim is to get in and then simply hold the trend.

Any currency that is bullish will become overbought at some point and break and when these breaks come you buy them

Use Sentiment tools

Always use these two sentiment tools – Net Traders Positions and % Bullish to check that sentiment is not in over bought territory when you enter the trade. Start with your weekly charts and loo k for support and time your entry with your daily charts.

Risk – Reward

Don’t over do the leverage! You can get 200:1 but on a trade about 10:1 is fine for a buy and hold strategy. What you are going to do then set a stop and leave the currency alone. Hopefully it will trend for months and make great gains if you have been careful in your selection.

That’s your Forex trading strategy! It’s extremely simple but it will make money if executed correctly. The real key is not to overdo leverage have a wide enough stop, so you are not taken out by normal volatility and let the trade run. There are some excellent trading opportunities around that will enable you to do the above so take a look at them and try it.

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TRADING FOREX – trend change confirmation

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Well, the warning bells I heard yesterday about USDCAD’s change in trend seems to be confirming today. Time to search for long entries perhaps?

Forex Trend Indicator

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Currency trading can be very profitable and sometimes can be daunting even depending upon your experience. However, with the correct information, tools and experience you can simply be successful and make lots of money. Making understand the trend of the currency can help you unusually in making a judgment either to buy or sell at any of the given moment. Making use of forex trend indicator you can directly track the trends as they are going down or up. A forex trend indicator can be an advantage for any professional forex trader. By the help of forex trend indicator you can recognize the up and down swings, and also make accurate sell and buy trades at the correct moment. Any of the small mistakes may harm the money of the trader; hence an equitable tool which directly recognizes each and every movement is necessarily required for your trading armory. The forex trend indicators help in defining the existing direction trend of price moves through smoothening the price data on definite period of time. The trend indicators let to visualize the trends in the market. The trend indicators reflect 3 tendencies in the price movements in forex: Up price moves, down price moves and sideways price moves. Forex trend indicators are being used to gauge the direction and strength of a trend. There are many forex trend indicators that cost a lot of money, there a simple tool which is free of cost is called Forex trend catcher. A powerful trend indicator which can be useful for your accomplishments in forex trading is a free tool which can assist you to track the trend of the currency. A forex trend catcher is a good example of free indicator. Therefore, forex trading can be so intimidating and confusing but, the forex trend indicator can be helpful for you in making your trading successful and profitable.

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