Market Technical Analysis – Apple Cannot Hold Up Market As Technicals Show Profit!

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Forex Stop Loss Strategy – 3 Simple Ways to Find a Good Stop Loss Strategy for Your Forex Trades

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Forex Stop Loss Strategy

Did you know that most beginner forex traders have no idea how to place an effective stop-loss point for their trades? In fact, many of these traders don’t bother with a stop-loss point at all and if you are one of these traders, I am going to tell you that you might as well be giving your money to your brokerage firm. Forex Stop Loss Strategy
So what is a stop-loss point?
A stop-loss point is simply a point in which you are willing to surrender your trade and cut your losses. Normally, it is the point where the trader will think that market is likely to continue going in the opposite direction that they were forecasting. Sometimes, in the event that the trader is scalping trades, it is very short (normally 10 pips of the trade).
How to you determine where to place the stop-loss point for your trade?
Most beginner forex traders will randomly place a stop-loss where they feel that they can’t lose anymore. This is actually a bad tactic and I am going to explain why the more experienced traders work out a system where the stop-loss points are defined and definite. Simply randomly placing a stop loss point is NOT a good forex strategy.
Most serious forex traders understand that there are certain technical tools to look at when determining a stop-loss point. While I am not going to get into the debate of whether technical analysis is viable or not, I will say this. . . if you aren’t using some form of technical analysis then you are no better off than simply closing your eyes and picking a point to stop. Forex Stop Loss Strategy
Here is a short list to help you plan your stop loss strategy effectively-
They have a clear understanding of Pivot Points- Pivot points are basically an average prediction of where the market may be in the future (next day) based on previous results- It is no coincidence that the market tends to follow tendencies or trends. While Pivot Points are by no means “slam dunks”, they are a good indicator to follow and can be used to determine a proper stop-loss strategy.
They know support and resistance points- Once again, I am not going to go into the mechanics of these points, but a good rule is that if you follow trends, and are betting the market will go up, then placing a stop-loss point below the level of support would be a good bet.
They place their stop-loss points at a point that is well below a possible retracement- If you have ever traded forex, I can just imagine the frustration you will feel when your stop loss gets triggered and then starts to climb back into the direction that you originally thought it was going to go. Some people claim that this is manipulated by those bigger corporations who have more at stake and can actually move the market. I am not getting into this sort of conspiracy theory but I will say that it is peculiar that it happens so often.
So what can you gather from this? Well, if you are looking sideways at some of these terms, then education into forex fundamentals is in order for you. After all, if you live by a “system” and are trading blind, you will eventually die by the system. Understanding where to place your stop loss points in your forex trades is just as important as trading itself and is something that you should employ on every trade. Forex Stop Loss Strategy

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