Forex Manual For Successful Trading

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Contents: 141 pages

1.1 Foreign Exchange as a Financial Market 7
1.2Foreign Exchange in a Historical Perspective 8
1.3Main Stages of Recent Foreign Exchange Development 9
1.4. Factors Caused Foreign Exchange Volume Growth 13
2.1. Major Currencies 15
2.2. Kinds of Exchange Systems 17
2.3. The Federal Reserve System of the USA and
3.1. Spot Market 23
3.2. Forward Market 26
3.3. Futures Market 27
3.4. Currency Options 28
4.1. Eco… More >>

Forex Manual For Successful Trading

Forex Trading Information – Forex Online System Trading Information And Advice That Can Assist You In Successful Trading

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Forex Trading Information

With so many forex online system trading solutions out in the market, it is really difficult to tell which one is the best online system that you can use for your forex trading activities. However, with the right information you can definitely choose the one that will suit your forex trading needs. There is a little advice you will need to pay attention to so that you can do this properly. Here is the information and advice that will help you out.

o Forex trading tips – Now, when you are doing online forex trading, you will need to pick a website that actually has a good broker standing. This means that you will need to pick a site that has a section on it that will give you many tips in forex online system trading. The materials should be of good quality so that you can pick the right broker website. Why is this important? Think about the customer service that you will get if the site cannot even provide quality content that will teach you a bit on forex trading. This is important and quality of a website will really speak of that broker’s service online. Forex Trading Information

o A practice account – A broker website should also be able to provide you with an online practice account where you can learn even more about forex online system trading. This is not only a good way to practice forex trading but you will also be able to learn how to read the signs when it comes to making a profit or experiencing a really bad loss. The best way to experience both of these things is with pretend money through a practice account. If the broker website does not give you the opportunity to try your hand out at forex trading with a practice account, you may want to move on and look elsewhere for that service.

o Broker customer service – Again, content is one of the things that you need to take a closer look at because of the fact that this will speak worlds of a websites customer service. Of course, to test the customer service of a particular website, you will need to actually experience it yourself. Make sure that when you have trouble with your account or if you are experiencing technical difficulties, the support service should be able to inform you right away or right before you even have trouble. In addition, the customer service for broker website should be reachable at all times. Active trading happens 24 hours a day for 5 days a week and you need to be able to reach the people who can help you as soon as you are experiencing problems. Test to see if they are reachable 24 hours a day. Forex Trading Information

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FOREX On-Line Manual For Successful Trading

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Product Description
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Kinds Of Major Currencies and Exchange Systems
Chapter 3. Kinds of Foreign Exchange Market
Chapter 4. Fundamental Analysis
Chapter 5. Technical Analysis
Chapter 6. The Fibonacci Analysis and Elliott Wave Theory
Chapter 7. Foreign Exchange Risks

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FOREX On-Line Manual For Successful Trading

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