Forex Strategy Trading Tips Why Small Victories Will Assist You to Win All Your Trading Battles

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As most traders I started by trying to puzzle out Forex trading without any help. I was always hunting for new methods to learn more, bring in more revenue, and be a better trader. Many people also tried to feed me lies, gimmicks, and sales pitches but I didn’t buy into them. Becoming profitable at Forex strategy trading was not simple and it took lots of work and effort. During my journey to become a profitable trader I learned one of the biggest Forex secrets.

Successful traders are not hunting for jackpot trades (normally trades with quite high risk parameters) that will make them large sums of income once in a while. Pro traders are rather in search of trades that can produce them smaller profits repeatedly.

In this article you will learn how you can make Currency trading work for you by trading high probability/ low risk trades. Pick your battles wisely: Choosing the right battles is extremely important to ensure that you accomplish your goals. In Forex trading you must pick time frames and currency pairs that suit your trading needs. For example, if you are looking into trading only for a few minutes a day you may need to learn how to trade lower timeframes. If you are planning to trade everyday you may need to consider day trading and so on.

Be sure to possess the right Foreign currency trading “weapons”: I am careful whenever I choose or build a new trading system. Lacking the appropriate trading tools can be quite detrimental and sometimes it can cause you to lose most or all of your trading funds. The best way to measure the success of your trading strategies is by testing for 3-4 months and then analyzing the final results. Every trading month is different but 3 months definitely seems to be the magic number to perform back testing on a FX strategy. To make an omelet you need to break some eggs: No trader wishes to lose but the truth is that every trader loses money.

Additionally, a successful Forex career is formed by several small failures. Successful Forex traders accept the fact that loses are part of the trading game. What really makes all the difference is your ability to manage your risk and find trading opportunities with high reward to risk ratios. Perseverance will always overcome misfortune: The best way to be a consistent and very profitable trader is by having many small victories time upon time.

When facing a losing streak your perseverance and discipline will be tested. Furthermore, a Currency trader that is consistent, never gives up, and takes smart trading decisions will achieve his goals sooner or later; it’s just a matter of time.

Most beginner traders believe that the way to succeed is to find the “holy grail” trading system or technique that can make you millions. This approach will not take you to where you want to go with your trading career. Focus on using simple trading strategies, solid money management, and keep reading my Forex strategy trading tips 😉 and you will be on your way to become a very successful trader. All the best, Jay Molina Pro Forex Trader & Educator

Jay Oil mill is an advanced Forex to trader that helps to other investors around the world to learn about the Forex market and its rewards and risks. To learn dwells forex strategy TRADING tips visit the Link: http://www. myfxinvestment. com

Trade FOREX successfully with a minimum knowledge

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It’s said that 85% of Forex traders are losing their money in the first three months of their trading, I think in some market cases it exceeds this ratio and may hits 95%, most of people say this loss is a result of trading while having no strong knowledge about Forex market, I don’t agree this all the way. For me I think the most important reason is trading style including strategy, money management and risk management, another important reason is crowding up your mind with a lot of technical and fundamental tools and trying to apply all of them at once.

Theoretically all analysis methods “wither it’s technical or fundamental” are correct ways because they are only measuring tools, they differs in the accuracy of their results and this varies from time to time, they just give you inputs and you are responsible of applying these inputs that’s why I don’t mind which indicator you are using, just try not to crowd your mind with a lot of them. To move yourself into the successful 15% you don’t need to know a lot in analysis field, you don’t need to have a big capital too. I wouldn’t encourage you to be calm, concentrate, look at your charts and go the way they tell you and such advices.

We’ll be instead discussing the actual steps that you can take in order to get yourself out of loss and list your name in the 15% successful traders list. The best resource for FOREX  trading is MoneyTec MoneyTec,   – Active Traders Community Forum, Chat. MoneyTec is an online trading community that promotes mature, intelligent & respectful discussion in a positive & safe environment for everyone. My strategy depends on simplicity as it just includes 2 indicators for the technical part of it.

Let’s see how would it work:    

Money Management:

1.     First of all count your capital well and I mean by this the money you can afford to lose “this is rule no. 1 in investment as this will remove stress from you”.

2.     Decide your monthly return average expectation from this money : This will make you able to count the average weekly and daily return “Weekly and Daily Target”.

3.  Decide what will you do with your profits in case you achieve your targets, how much will you get out from it and how much will you re-invest : This will be enough to have a steady and stable trading strategy.

4.  Most important point, limit your trade size, this shouldn’t exceed 5% of your balance if you want to survive in this market. These are all what we need from money management right now, it’s a huge subject to be involved in. b)

Risk Management :

1.   Limit your loss : The whole money you can afford to loss from your investment budget.

2.  According to your daily and weekly target, you could limit your daily and weekly loss, so if it touch that limit you stop trading till the other period of time, risking of $1 per $3 expected profit is good while 1: 2 still accepted.

3.   Keep in mind that “If you lost a day, it means you lost that day’s profit of the total month’s profit” don’t try and squeeze yourself the day after to get a double profit, otherwise you will be spoiling your trading system.

Technical Trading System :This trading system is a common old system traders were used to use it randomly, we will be using it in a more modern way, it contains of :1.     2 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) of values 7 – 15 . 2.     Relative Strength Index (RSI) as a confirmation tool.

Well, now as we have everything setup, it isn’t so hard to understand that system, the usual way was used by traders is : “once EMA-7 cross EMA-15 you go with it, so if it cross to up, you buy, otherwise you are selling”, this is completely true but you need to confirm this signal by another tool like “RSI”, once you get Moving Averages signal you check your RSI line direction and value, if it’s positive you can start trading, if not you should ignore till you get a positive signal that everything is fine, your stop loss would be if the EMA-15 returns to cross EMA-7 and your stop loss would be 20% of your daily affordable loss that you decided before, so you have a chance to trade for 5 times per day if you lost all trades. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t put all trade size limit “which you decide before while setting up your money management section” in just one trade, you may need to support your trade later or add more fund to it.

Last thing to be said is the classical advice “Don’t be greedy and don’t feel panic”, this is the best feature we have in Forex, take profit and stop loss points.

About Author Balayya is an active trader at MoneyTec MoneyTec – Active Traders Community Forum, Chat. MoneyTec is an online trading community That Promotes mature, intelligent Respectful & & positive discussion in a safe environment for everyone.

4 Simple Steps to Currency Trading Success

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If you want to learn currency trading the right way is necessary to take into account that 95% of traders lose – not because it does not try, its just that the poor receive Forex education and this results in a rapid annihilation. Here, we will give you a plan to develop and implement a strategy of forex trading for success in four easy steps.

1. Accept responsibility If you want to make money trading currencies, then they must accept responsibility for his fate – no one else is going to give you the success you have to give yourself. This means no blaming your broker currency, a guru or the currency markets, which are on their own. That’s not bad place to be, like all successful traders in currency trading accept this fact and love the challenge. If you want to make money in forex trading can be, there is nothing to stop you and everything related to trade forex successfully is a specific learning. Do not be fooled by his easy, its not and with the rewards offered are not expected to be good.

2. Accepting these facts to the success Currency Trading The most important fact to accept is that currency trading is not a game of chance certainties, predicting the market and scientific theories, and accuracy is a lie perpetrated by sellers and will not succeed. You’re like a successful card player just play the odds of high but rather from the hands of their trading opportunities. You bet big when the odds are in his favor and fold when it is not that simple and that will make you a lot of money if done correctly. Accept that you have to have confidence in what you are doing (which comes from education and self-knowledge of his personality), this then gives you the discipline to follow forex trading system. Of course – if you can not follow the forex trading system with discipline, has no system in the first place! Markets can be frustrating and you have to wait for the right opportunities, but you can win if you get to learn currency trading the right way. Now let’s see the method to the success of foreign exchange.

3. Your forex trading system Building a trading system should be based on the following points and if I work smart and get the right knowledge, you should only take a couple of weeks to mastering the basics and have a robust forex trading you can get the chance on their side. 1. Use a long-term trend following system 2. More information about support and resistance and the timeless method of outbreaks – if you do not know what you read our other materials. 3. Confirm any trading signal oscillators run with momentum, this is the key to getting the odds on your side, if not trade with the momentum of their trade is not likely.

4. Use a money management system that ensures clearly defined exit area when you enter a trade, both for profit and loss It is also necessary: Keep your system simple! Simple systems are easy to understand, apply and are more robust than complicated. If your trading system is that many indicators and will break in the brutal world of trading and currency trading is the least few enough. You can win with a simple system based on support, resistance and only a few momentum indicators and this is very quick to build and test.

5. Achieving success Do not work hard on the market! The intelligent, only learn the education of foreign right. There are a lot of junk sold on the network. For example, most novice traders day trading love however, your guaranteed to lose money or the confidence that scientific systems are as accurate as your horoscope. These traders are lazy naive or both – do not join them or lose. Once you have built your forex trading system, they do more work on it. Many traders bang on learning all the time – but if you are unhappy with your trading system and the logic is sound, there is no need to do more work. They are not paid for effort in forex trading you get paid for being right and that does not require much work! You should only take 30 minutes or more to execute their trading signals per day and that’s it – get on with your life.

If you follow the previous four simple steps you can enjoy currency trading success. You’ll get the right currency education you need, have the confidence and discipline to implement its strategy of forex trading of high returns. Most traders fail not because they lack a method, but because they have the mindset to apply it with confidence and discipline and this point can not be emphasized enough. If you want to learn to negotiate successfully, keeping in mind the above points and that will take you to currency trading success.

For free trading guides and an exclusive Forex Trading Course visit our website at: http://www. learncurrencytradingonline. com/index. html

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