How do retail forex brokers make their profit with the kind of leverage they give to customers?

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How many pips does the average retail forex trader make?

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I’m trying to trade forex on my own, with 3 Strategies based on Technical Analysis Primarily, supplement by fundamental analysis. Strategies Developed Through These I’ve homework, lots of reading and just a bunch of research. I Bought A system in the past and got burned. Now I’m doing it myself. Does anyone know the average honest professional pips range of retail traders make Every month? My impression WAS That They make an average 250-500 pips a month. Not to say They Do That Every month, it’s just the result when to Averaged out. Right now, after 2 months of trading, I’ve made a little over 200 pips and I’m Hoping to Maintain and Improve That to the 250-500 a month average pip range. Is that realistic? Ideal? What Should be my average monthly target To Be A Truly Successful forex trader.

forex trading – news trading UK Retail Sales – Using Dual Fibonacci entry

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UK retail sales is usually a high impact forex news that moves the currency market significantly, watch how I analyze the market, wait for proper retracement, and get in at the best optimal entry for a quick 50 pips of profit… market continue to move and gave traders that followed my signals even more pips… this is typical of what I do daily in my live forex trade room. Watch how I use Dual Fibonacci to get a laser focus entry in the video…

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