I want to learn about buying stock options. Is my idea (below) correct on how it works?

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I have a stock trading account and I have been playing with the “d? To the negotiation?” N “for populations of about 2 for years now. I have taught? Ado certain strategies I use and I’m very c? So most? To increase my selections? soon after? s to buy an action? n. Now I’m interested in stock options. Here? est? my understanding. . . If I find a population? N currently trading at $ 30 and I think the population? N increase? 10% in the future pr? maximum, I can buy, say 100 shares at $ 30 ($ 3,000) and the expectation of an increase of 10%, or I can buy an extraordinary choice for purchase (100 shares) in a fraction? n the $ 30 – maybe $ 1 per share? n = $ 100. This extraordinary choice gives me the right to buy 100 shares at 30 d? Dollars, even if / when the price increased by 10% to $ 33. At that time, then you can buy 100 shares at $ 30 ($ 3,000) and immediately sell 100 shares at $ 33 ($ 3,300). I lose the $ 100 for the option “to buy, but I make a difference of $ 300 with a net of $ 200. I stand to lose the original $ 100 if the price does not rise, but do not have to invest a total of $ 3,000 to which is a sure profit maker.? Is this the idea b? Music of stock options?

Just was after some advice on investing. Margin lending with a managed fund or investing myself?

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It only was after a certain advice on the investment. Margin of credit with a raised fund or to invest I myself? Hello Recently I have been in contact with San together Jorge and have had a strategy for me with the loans of margin in an administered bottom. I am using my own 10000 and 10000 of the loans and must pay 8. 10% to variable type. They have said to me that I can wait for the return of 10-11%. This achivable yield of a raised fund or would be better to choose 3 or 4 solid populations and the purchase of more action on a regular base and to make it I myself to maintain in the long term without borrowing money. I do not have experience in the commerce so that the thought to share the margin of management of loan bottoms option would be a good beginning, but have heard found commentaries regarding do it. Any aid very would be appreciated. I am in Australia.

Currency Trading Strategy Ideas

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These are my currency trading strategy ideas that I have developed from people constantly asking me the same questions over and over again. These should help you develop the proper behavior to make profitable trades over the long term.
How should I look at currency?
You need to look at currencies as pairs and not just single entities. You have to take into consideration that money is fiat. What that means is that it’s just paper. An apple is worth what it is because it has value. Paper money is just worth what paper is. The other value comes from economic stability, populations belief in the government, etc. Since all these points don’t actually make value, and essentially is all the same thing (paper), currency needs to be compared against one another. When you compare them, you’re going to get the proper value.
How do I find the bargains in forex trading?
There is no such thing as bargains in this game. What you need to start looking at is how much you can sell a currency for in the future. That’s the most important point. You don’t make any money from buying currency, you make it all from selling. You need to get out of this “consumer” trap where you think cheaper is better. Selling price is the better. Buying an expensive currency that you can sell for 10% more in the future, is better than buying a cheap currency that you might be able to sell for 5% more.
How do I get over the stress of trading?
Being a confident trader is probably one of the most important characteristics to have. I understand though that becoming confident requires positive experience at doing it. The best thing you can do is take advantage of your demo account, which allows you to make real live simulated trades. You can do this until you’re confident enough to use your real money.

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