Foreign Exchange Signals Service Proof

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In this article, I want to talk about Forex Signals Provider Proof. What should you look for to build trust in the results? Are you going to get the same results reported by the signals provider? These are some of the the things you need to know before joining a service.

Set And Forget Forex Signals Performance

What Kind Of Forex Signals Service Proof To Focus On

Many people want to see proof in the form of a 3rd party account statement publisher. There are services like MT4i and MyFXBook that let you hook up your trading account to their site and report in real time what is happening in your account. These services can be used to publish the performance of the signals service in a transparent way.

While this seem like an excellent way to provide proof, there is one problem. The way I see it, the signals service needs to prove the pip numbers they report are correct. Using one of these 3rd party account statement publisher shows much more. You can also see money earned or lost as well as percentage gains or losses. The problem with these statistics is they only reflect what would happen using one risk management system with one account balance.

The role of a signals service subscriber is to duplicate as close as possible the pip numbers. But the winning or losses or the gains and losses in terms of percentage is determined by the size of your account and the money management strategy used to calculate lot size. Therefore, the statistics shown by the statement publishing services can be misleading and distort the decision making process.

Can You Copy The Signals Provider Results?

Seeing how many pips the signals service makes is one thing, but being able to duplicate those results is quite another. You need to make sure you can follow the signals correctly and get similar trading numbers. If you miss trades because the signals are delivered 24 hours a day, you are not going to get the same results. If you use unreliable trade copy software to get the trades, you are not going to get the same results.

Due to slightly different broker price feeds, slightly different spread sizes and slippage, a certain amount of difference between the signals service and your account should be expected. For these reasons, using different brokers will yield slightly different results, and this is normal. You would need to use the exact same broker to duplicate the signals perfectly.

Good Example Of Forex Signals Service Proof

Set And Forget Forex Signals is a signals service that shows photos of the trade levels and results. This Forex Signals Provider Proof shows the results they report actually come from the signals they give subscribers. And since you place trades only once a day and the signals are set and forget, it is simple to use these signals and duplicate the results of the signals.

130+ Pip Winner Trading the Ichimoku Cloud – FOREX -GBPH4

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Automated forex trading system based on the Ichimoku indicator. Expert advisor robot trader built for metatrader MT4. Ichimoku meaning in Japanese as ” one look” was created by  Japanese newspaper writer Goichi Hosada.

Unlike statisticians or mathematicians in the industry this was a work of person who used his expertise and few assistants and created  technical indicator that is so robust and strong in today’s trading. There is  strong pipwinner system built around this type of trading and it compliments other trading systems in place. Take a look a the video here.

The Ichimoku indicator is used to measure short term time frame momentum along with areas of support and resistance as they occur in naturally. The standard Ichimoku is comprised of five lines:


—  This is a line made up by using high and lows for the 7 to 9 periods. This can be interpreted as short term moving averages.


— This line is same as the above Tenkan-Sen  but it consists of longer time frames.  Many traders use cross overs of kijun and Tenkan as entry and exits points .

The Cloud

The cloud is made up of space between the Senkou Span A and Senkou Span B. Senkou Span A is calculated by subtracting : (Tenkan – Kijun)/2 and the Senkou Span B is calculated by (Highest High- Lowest Low)/2 over typically 52 periods.

The crossovers are used for entry and exits points.

Chikou Span

— Lastly the Chikou span is created by plotting recent price movement twenty six  periods behind the latest closing price.

The Ideal FOREX Metatrader EA Broker

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