Day trading SPY options: How can I do this better? (Long question)?

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(Note: I have experience in real money with the options that go back to 2000, first flame covered in my account WRATH and the calls with long in my account of cash although nonexperience the day of commerce with real money that I have 25K to park in an account to satisfy. trading landlord of norms of the day and another one of 10K to make the purchase real of the contract.) I have a work that allows to maintain an eye me in the market of action in real time. As of January I began to play with the motor of virtual commerce in OptionXpress, daytrading SPY options. My strategy is rather modest; I can buy 10,5 contracts ITM, or sale or based on the direction of the market, and sell when I see the inverse tendency. I chose 10 contracts because I believe that with a small size so that, if I present/display an order of sale to the supply that must fill immediately unless the market is moving very fast what the gain allows me to make sure if the tendency is reversed. I can abrir a position simultaneously, never to leave writing-desk with an open position and am 100% in cash in the market near every day. I use SPY because to be a basket of 500 actions that is protected suddenly she moves drastic in the price to give time me to leave a position with a minimum loss if the price goes in opposite sense by me. My immediate goal is of $ 100, after commissions by round trip, an objective that it requires only of $ 0. 15 move in the price of the option. Not always they guess right in the direction, 4 of each 5 are typical, and I am of compensation among $ 400 and $ 500 per day days 6-7 of roundtrip. My initial interest of 5000 dollars the money of the game has grown to near 15,000 dollars from 1,19 when I began to do this in serious. One will not become rich doing this, but in the course of a year that is worth the pain an extra person of income for my family. If it is allowed to do nothing else that to pay to my house and bottom me for the future university for my three children whom the pain is worth. Now that I have demonstrated same that this seems to be a reasonable strategy that I am trying to understand what can do better and now I am in the zone of " I do not know what not it s

Viable Options Trading Strategy?

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New HolaRelativamente in the commerce of options. When the commerce Options/Equities, generally profitable to look for companies with future results, and to formulate a combination of options to take advantage changes in both senses? Supposing, by all means, to fulfill volatileness and the decent volume norms. I have never proven this, but I really have curiosity about how the ration of success the work with in the last even base of years.

Improve Your Trading Strategy With the Help of Forex Signals

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señales of Forex are tools very beneficial to improve the strategy of the currency commerce. You puntuacià ³ n of éxito when to include/understand these indications in suitable form and to use them consequently. Manual is equally certain as much and the compatible software of commerce. You need to identify the calls correct of the opportunities and to understand the behavior of the market. Many people have experience in this commerce due to fijacià ³ n of length and a gift to anticipate the things beforehand. She has certain you rule fixed that must fulfill to accede to the capacity to judge the tendency of the market of divisasHay courses on the market of Forex, where you can learn the foundations of this commerce, including the commercial norms and regulations bÃsicas. You need to know how the different levels from the señales of currency change to reach results of high quality. You must consult exÃmenes and anÃlisis of the market that estÃavailable in several dicos magazines and perià ³ on the currency commerce. All the knowledge that you obtain aid to see a clear image of transaccià ³ n with respect to inversià ³ n in the currency market. The scrutiny of duracià ³ n is an important aspect of this learning, which increases the percentage of éxito sentences. You must know how to the quotient of balance and método to make the element of balance of an account so that she can select the perspective of future of purchase and obtain benefits. If software automated for its commerce uses, you find that the vile averages mà ³ consider in all the metodologÃa of the operation of software important. It is a decisive factor in trÃmites of currency commerce and has a fort impact in the decision making. High price of purchase can be observed like a part of the activities in the strategy of the vile averages mà ³ to reach a successful result. You must understand the low discharge and of the currency market to determine the effect in the healthy strategy of currency commerce. Whichever better to include/understand and to identify the señales of the currency, as much mÃs éxito estÃn in the currency business.

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