Forex News Recap (9/21) : FOMC Statement Leaves Door Open for QE, Dollar Pressured

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In the Fed’s statement policy makers showed concern about the low levels of inflation and left the door open for more quantitative easing, but didn’t agree to any steps right now. The knee-jerk reaction was to sell the Dollar in currency markets and we saw broad dollar-weakness as a result. News Provided by CMS Forex Forex Market Analyst Nick Nasad

forex trading – news trading UK Retail Sales – Using Dual Fibonacci entry

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UK retail sales is usually a high impact forex news that moves the currency market significantly, watch how I analyze the market, wait for proper retracement, and get in at the best optimal entry for a quick 50 pips of profit… market continue to move and gave traders that followed my signals even more pips… this is typical of what I do daily in my live forex trade room. Watch how I use Dual Fibonacci to get a laser focus entry in the video…

68. Trading the News – The Consumer Price Index (CPI)

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Filed under Forex review A lesson on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for active traders and investors in the stock, futures and forex markets. Link to this lesson on Latest Release:

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