130+ Pip Winner Trading the Ichimoku Cloud – FOREX -GBPH4

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Automated forex trading system based on the Ichimoku indicator. Expert advisor robot trader built for metatrader MT4. Ichimoku meaning in Japanese as ” one look” was created by  Japanese newspaper writer Goichi Hosada.

Unlike statisticians or mathematicians in the industry this was a work of person who used his expertise and few assistants and created  technical indicator that is so robust and strong in today’s trading. There is  strong pipwinner system built around this type of trading and it compliments other trading systems in place. Take a look a the video here.

The Ichimoku indicator is used to measure short term time frame momentum along with areas of support and resistance as they occur in naturally. The standard Ichimoku is comprised of five lines:


—  This is a line made up by using high and lows for the 7 to 9 periods. This can be interpreted as short term moving averages.


— This line is same as the above Tenkan-Sen  but it consists of longer time frames.  Many traders use cross overs of kijun and Tenkan as entry and exits points .

The Cloud

The cloud is made up of space between the Senkou Span A and Senkou Span B. Senkou Span A is calculated by subtracting : (Tenkan – Kijun)/2 and the Senkou Span B is calculated by (Highest High- Lowest Low)/2 over typically 52 periods.

The crossovers are used for entry and exits points.

Chikou Span

— Lastly the Chikou span is created by plotting recent price movement twenty six  periods behind the latest closing price.

Nifty Options Trading Strategy – Nifty Intraday Tips For Beginning Traders

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Nifty Options Trading Strategy The nifty index is an index representing 50 stocks on the stock market representing 21 sectors of the Indian economy. It is used in the measurement of index funds, bank portfolios and index based derivatives. A joint venture between the NSE and the CRISIL, the Nifty is under the ownership and management of the Indian Services and Products Limited. This is the only company that is focused primarily on the Nifty index as its principle product. The Indian Services and Products Limited are licensed to engage in marketing by the world premier in index services, the Standard & Poor’s company. Intraday trading is a critical tool in the trading and marketing strategies of capital goods and assets. Intraday essentially means happening on the same day, used to indicate the highs and lows of the assets and goods in the stock exchange markets. The price chart is used to indicate the time intervals between trading, selling and buying especially among day traders and other short term traders. Nifty intraday tips are helpful in the buying and selling, profitably, of the 21 company indexes that are under the Nifty category. A common nifty intra day tips is the daily pivot and momentum plan. This is a strategy that is takes advantage of the volatile nifty index of any particular trading day. The profits can be maximized and losses minimized during trading just by the fact an index is so volatile and unstable. In the trading circles, volatility is measured by the highs and lows, or the pivots of the prices of the various nifty indexes. Traders maximize there profitability by buying the stocks when it shifts its lowest and selling the stock when it is at it highest price of the day. Traders benefit from this type of trading strategy when a nifty stock has just been released into the market and is thus attracting an upsurge in trading. Nifty Options Trading Strategy Scalping is another nifty index trading tip that can be used to maximize profits on any particular stocks. The plan here is to monitor the price upsurge of the nifty index and then buy it off when the trading prices are at their highest. This way the trader will make little sums of profits on the large pool of capital investment that they have already. It is certainly a less risky trading strategy as it does not make use of the pivots and momentums that are used in other Nifty intraday strategies. A final of the nifty intra day tips used is the fading strategy. This has to be the most risky and perhaps the most challenging of all trading plan. It is most embarked upon by the professional traders of the stock exchange. The strategy here is to note and monitor when the pivots on the trading prices are at the lowest or just before they hit their lowest point and then sell them off. Remember with the pivot and momentum strategy the traders makes use of the volatility, while here the trader is required to be keen about the pullback that occurs after the introduction and trading in a new Nifty index. Nifty Options Trading Strategy

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Forex Avenger

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bestfxresource.com – Reviews of Top 5 FOREX Guide Programs that are proven to work. The FOREX Avenger is a trading system that helps people who wish to go about the FOREX trading systems. This program has been designed by Dave Curran who has spent years trading on FOREX, analyzed its highs and lows and has now presented this automated system to the world. Dave Curran’s method comes with an acknowledgment from reputed names such as Old Tree Publishing.

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