How forex fund manager charge commissions?

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I heard that its 2% management fee and 20% performance fee for account that is 100k to 1mil.
So what the percentage for smaller accounts?

Does anyone know where I can find some some investors to contribute start up capital for a forex hedge fund?

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Advisor I have developed to proprietary expert (TRADING robot) that there are to 78% win ratio and to less than 20% drawdown. My monthly average is 38% compounded monthly. I' ll sees millionaire in two years, with or without investors, but since not one is promised tomorrow. I would like to accelerate this process. Advice?

Just was after some advice on investing. Margin lending with a managed fund or investing myself?

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It only was after a certain advice on the investment. Margin of credit with a raised fund or to invest I myself? Hello Recently I have been in contact with San together Jorge and have had a strategy for me with the loans of margin in an administered bottom. I am using my own 10000 and 10000 of the loans and must pay 8. 10% to variable type. They have said to me that I can wait for the return of 10-11%. This achivable yield of a raised fund or would be better to choose 3 or 4 solid populations and the purchase of more action on a regular base and to make it I myself to maintain in the long term without borrowing money. I do not have experience in the commerce so that the thought to share the margin of management of loan bottoms option would be a good beginning, but have heard found commentaries regarding do it. Any aid very would be appreciated. I am in Australia.

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