Harmonic Elliott Wave: R. N. Elliotts Impulsive Wave Structure

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Traders either love or hate Elliot Waves. Some traders regard this as an elite trading indicator, while some despise it and never employ the vast capabilities.  I have been using Elliot waves for quite some time and with decent results and have seen some discussions on Elliott wave forums. It’s not an infrequent comment I see when some state “I like Elliott Wave but it’s like something isn’t quite right.” Some people just adhere to strict rules and dont invest time to fully understand its capabilities

Some Elliotticians swear by Robert Prechter and some find his wave counts change too much and find themselves frustrated.

Product Description
Through hours of research and usage Ian Copsey has unearthed a fundamental error in the structural development of price behavior as defined by the Elliott Wave Principle. From his early findings that trending waves ended prematurely and the vagueness of the wave relationships he began to realize that trending waves do not develop in the manner which R.N. Elliott described in his findings.In Harmonic Elliott Wave he reveals the methodology, the common ratios that lin… More >>

Harmonic Elliott Wave: The Case for Modification of R. N. Elliotts Impulsive Wave Structure

Here is a video to watch introducing Harmonic Elliot wave.

Daily Fx Forex Stream – Using Forex Trading Alert Software for Fast and Effective Trading

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Daily Fx Forex Stream

Forex trading alert software continuously monitor the market for high-probability real-time buy and sell opportunities. Based on system algorithm the alert software generate precise trade entry and exit signals and automated trailing stop-losses.
If you have subscribed to one such forex trading alert software services, it will send you an alert or notification by email or SMS in your cell phone. Forex trading alert software, in many cases are offered as a free service to the customers of an automated forex trade execution platform.
Forex trading alert software prepares real-time alert to buy or sell a specific currency pair. Depending on a buy or sell alerts and either email or SMS notification you can make your trading decisions.
The alert may also include a stop-loss and limit information. So you can avoid continuous monitoring of the market as the auto trading platform would execute your trades which you have already set. These alerts often come at the very beginning of a currencies movement or when key support or resistance levels are broken and tested.
Some forex trading alert software needs installation in your system. Once installed, this software automatically monitors the parent network and notifies you of any new report. These alerts are generated after detailed research, application of different technical analysis, like Fibonacci or Elliot waves, and after obtaining feedbacks from other market indicators. Daily Fx Forex Stream
Forex trading alert software should have systems for fast notifications, auto-update, and instant access to market reports and information. The alert software, in many cases, prepares targeted information bulletin for longer term, positional trader, day traders, and average traders.
Before major economic announcements, which may influence the market, the forex trading alert software should ideally send you a pop-up message reminding you of the release.
Forex trading alert software can be customized to receive trade alerts for the currency pairs of your choice. You can enable or disable entry points to your mobile phone.
Many forex trading alert software allows you to add more than one email id or mobile phone numbers and you can receive the notifications in all of them. You can turn the alerts on or off at any time. Forex trading alert software may come with light flashes which are easy to follow and execute.
The additional features that a forex trading alert software may offer are: daily forex trend analysis, live streaming forex news, forex articles and research, market commentaries, fundamental and technical forex analysis to gauge direction and momentum etc.
Right information at the right moment is the key to your success in forex trading. A forex trading alert software, therefore, should keep you abreast with the market trends and movements. Daily Fx Forex Stream

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Is Trading Options Profitable – 13 Steps For Profitable Call Option Trading

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Is Trading Options Profitable

Many traders like to use more sophisticated options strategies in their trading but many times the simple call options trade is the most suitable trade for the market condition. Follow the steps below to increase your probability to profit from call option trading. Is Trading Options Profitable
1. Determine that the price of the underlying instrument is going up. Trading call option is a directional strategy. This means you have to pick the direction of the market, and in order to profit the market should move up. There are many different ways to anticipate upward market movement. Some people respond to good market news and some use fundamental data such as increasing earnings per share, increasing dividend yield, increasing revenue, etc. Some use chart patterns that indicate upward market movement such as double bottom, reverse head and shoulder, ascending triangle, and upside price breakout. Some use other systems such as Elliot waves, and systems which use combinations of price patterns and other indicators.
2. Determine the target of the price movement. The system that you use to indicate an upward price movement should also indicate a target price for the movement.
3. Anticipate the time for the underlying price to move to your target price. How long do you expect the underlying instruments price to move to the target price? This is important to determine the expiration of the call options you want to trade.
4. Look at options chain. Bring out the options chains to see the quotes and other relevant data. Nowadays, real time options chains are easily available through the internet. You can also call your broker to get this information.
5. Narrow down to the exchange, and expiration date. If you trade online, determine the exchange you want your order to be submitted. Determine the appropriate expiration date based on the time you expect the price to move. Unless you are using a trading system which trades options near their expiration, usually you would want to buy call options with expiration that is slightly longer than the anticipated time. This is to reduce the effect of time decay. This is very important because time decay can cause your call options to lose in value. Is Trading Options Profitable
6. Compare the Delta, Gamma, Vega and Theta for several strike prices of the same expiration. After you narrowed down your options chain to the specific exchange and specific expiration date, you look at the Greeks. Ideally you want to have high Delta, high Gamma, low Vega and low Theta. High Delta and high Gamma can give you a higher and faster profit when the underlying instrument’s price moves up. When you are buying options, low Vega is very important. Low Vega means cheaper options and when Vega increases, you make profits even if the underlying price does not move. Low Vega is associated with low volatility and quiet market. And low Theta means the call option makes smaller loses due to time decay. If you are a longer term trader, you can choose out-of-the-money call options. These options have smaller delta but they are cheaper. If you are a shorter term trader, you would prefer at-the-money or in-the-money call options because they can give you faster and higher profits due to higher Delta and Gamma.
7. Evaluate your risk versus rewards based on your target price. You can also use a risk profile to help you make the evaluation. Calculate you breakeven point using this formula: breakeven = call strike + call premium
8. Look at the open interest and volume. It is better to trade in an active market so that you can buy and sell easily. Another reason is that you don’t lose a lot on the bid/ask spread.
9. Choose the best call option with the highest probability for profits.
10. Determine exit point and stop loss. Make sure you have your profit taking points and stop loss point in place before you place in your trade. Do this so that your emotions do not take over your decision making after you place in your trade.
11. Place in your trade. Call your broker or key in your trade online.
12. Watch the underlying instrument’s price movement and the option’s price reaction
13. Close your position. If you made a profit, close your position by either selling the call options that you bought or exercise the call option and sell the shares. If there is some time remaining before expiration, normally it is better to sell the call options because there is still time value in it. If you made a loss, close your position by selling the call options. Is Trading Options Profitable

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