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The Best Strategy for FOREX

1. Temperament and Time Frame A key factor in matching your personality with a trading strategy is the main time frame used by a strategy. If you usually seek activities that provide immediate gratification, a strategy based mostly on a four-hour chart will not work for you–even if you see others making money with it. You will be more comfortable trading a strategy that is built around a lower time frame–15, 5 or 1 minute. These time frames demand your constant attention and participation.

2. Skill Level and Discretion Another factor to consider in strategy shopping is your current skill level. New traders will likely not be successful with highly discretionary strategies.

3. Trade Rooms and Signal Services Another way for beginning traders to find winning strategies is to join a trade room or signal service.

4. Creativity The best trading strategy if you have a creative streak is to “roll your own.” Learn about the fundamental tools of technical analysis and, especially, how price action seems to respond to them. Paper and demo trade your strategy for at least 2 months before taking it live,…… By Darrin Koltow to learn more about Forex please visit

Are there any difference between forex trading transactions in demo account and live account?

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Reply m? in the aspect of the benefits gained through? s demonstration account? n. ? I can look like it in real account.

Where can I get a forex tradeing demo account (site) and win monthly prices real money?

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I want to sing until for the account of demonstration for the commerce of money as of currencies, but I want to obtain one that first gives the prices like the monthly price by the retailer.

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