The Best Strategy for FOREX | Forex Review

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The Best Strategy for FOREX

1. Temperament and Time Frame A key factor in matching your personality with a trading strategy is the main time frame used by a strategy. If you usually seek activities that provide immediate gratification, a strategy based mostly on a four-hour chart will not work for you–even if you see others making money with it. You will be more comfortable trading a strategy that is built around a lower time frame–15, 5 or 1 minute. These time frames demand your constant attention and participation.

2. Skill Level and Discretion Another factor to consider in strategy shopping is your current skill level. New traders will likely not be successful with highly discretionary strategies.

3. Trade Rooms and Signal Services Another way for beginning traders to find winning strategies is to join a trade room or signal service.

4. Creativity The best trading strategy if you have a creative streak is to “roll your own.” Learn about the fundamental tools of technical analysis and, especially, how price action seems to respond to them. Paper and demo trade your strategy for at least 2 months before taking it live,…… By Darrin Koltow to learn more about Forex please visit

Where can I find an advisor for a career in options trading?

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I think I would like to have my next career be as a self employed options trader.

After a 14 year career in the Engineering and IT world I moved last year into a career in finance, specifically as a commercial lending officer for a large credit union ($1. 5B. ) My education career started in Engineering (including 19 hours of Calculus and linear algebra) but my actual undergrad is a BBA. My IT education includes 4 advanced self taught certifications. I started investing in CD’s, stocks and bonds in 1990, added covered call options in 2000 and long call options in 2005. Even though I had never worked in the finance field, my amateur interest in the financial markets is great enough that senior management asks me my opinion on current issues and trends because of my constant exposure.

As part of my job requirement I will be starting an MBA in September and my course of study is up to me as long as I am working on the graduate degree. Due to my pre-existing interest, heavy coursework in finance, securities and financial math would not be unusual. For political reasons I have to stay in this job for 4 years but I effectively have the opportunity, means and permission to rebuild myself with an eye toward starting on a career in the world of options should I so desire.

I know that during my studies I could ask the professors and advisors about this but I would much rather find someone who is actually doing this to help me structure my courses and studies (formal and self taught) so that while I am being paid to learn I can be learning the things to help me most.

As some here have seen (and answered my questions) I have at least some understanding of options trading. I have found what I think it an effective day trading strategy but it has the significant problems of being unable to scale and requiring constant attention to prevent being on the wrong side of a trend. I need to really learn to do spreads and other long term positions so I can make thousands on a longer term position instead of the $100 per round trip in 15 minutes I target today and not have to watch every minute move from 9:30 to 4:00 all day worrying about missing an instantaneous buying or selling opportunity.

I would very much appreciate it if somebody who has had success in the area of options investing can help me to learn what I need to learn to have the mental tools and experience to be able to seek a career in this arena or barring direct help, help me to find someone who can guide me on this. I don’t think I am asking for a lot of someone’s time but I certainly think it can’t hurt to ask for some help rather than waste money on books or seminars flailing about trying to find that one needle in the haystack of information otherwise uselss to me.

Feel free to contact me directly should you be so inclined.

Thanks in advance for any help provided.