TRADING FOREX – trend change confirmation

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Well, the warning bells I heard yesterday about USDCAD’s change in trend seems to be confirming today. Time to search for long entries perhaps?

FOREX VIDEO REVIEW: London Session February 4, 2009

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Pre-London kicked us off with some weak Euro and weak Swiss Franc against the US Dollar. Just as we opened our London session we found ourselves bouncing off a shorter term trend line, and primed for a perfect Fibonacci retracement overlapping with several layers of additional resistance in the form of various ema’s etc. around those same Fib zones. In this video we highlight in extreme detail how we were able to plan and execute a high quality, low risk vs. high reward short setup on the EUR/USD not once, but two times throughout the London session. Also, if you did not take these Fib entries right off the bat, each entry offered very good short term confirmation for even the most conservative trader to believe in the move, along with correlation with the USD/CHF and clear EURO weakness as witnessed in EUR/GBP re-breaking the .9000 level. I spent some extra time in the detail on these video’s, because quite simply you will not find a Fib pullback entry with more clues, and confirmation than this very often. If you are having some issues understanding pullback trading this video should help a great deal with a prime example. Ultimately the EUR/USD fell over 250 pips today and these two entries offered a prepared trader a couple clear opportunities to catch a significant part of the move. Have a super day! FXBootcamp London Currency Coach- Christian Stephens

FOREX VIDEO REVIEW: London Session January 12, 2009

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The British Pound Sterling kicked off the pre-London session with some high quality weakness across the board. This continued to off some nice pullback entries early on into the London session. However, we were approaching support in many flavors around the 1.4900 area. Things like long term 50% Fibonacci retracement levels, Daily, 2hour, and 4 hour overlapping support, daily central pivot point, about 7 things all falling exactly at the same place on many time frames. Even with all the Pound weakness this gave us high reasoning to expect a good deal of profit taking, which would end us north at least back to the 15m 21ema region, which was 90 pips from the bottom. It is this ‘long term’ pull back that I wish to demonstrate in this video, and actually counter trend scalping that pullback using a 15m and 1m chart for confirmation of entry. This was a high reward low risk setup counter trend scalping setup that coughed up anywhere from 50-70 pips depend on members entry exit strategy. Sometimes actually ‘trading the pullback’ can be as sweet of a setup as taking the pullback in the trend direction if there is enough pips in between. Decent night to play with Cable. FXBootcamp London Currency Coach- Christian Stephens

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