Harmonic Elliott Wave: R. N. Elliotts Impulsive Wave Structure

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Traders either love or hate Elliot Waves. Some traders regard this as an elite trading indicator, while some despise it and never employ the vast capabilities.  I have been using Elliot waves for quite some time and with decent results and have seen some discussions on Elliott wave forums. It’s not an infrequent comment I see when some state “I like Elliott Wave but it’s like something isn’t quite right.” Some people just adhere to strict rules and dont invest time to fully understand its capabilities

Some Elliotticians swear by Robert Prechter and some find his wave counts change too much and find themselves frustrated.

Product Description
Through hours of research and usage Ian Copsey has unearthed a fundamental error in the structural development of price behavior as defined by the Elliott Wave Principle. From his early findings that trending waves ended prematurely and the vagueness of the wave relationships he began to realize that trending waves do not develop in the manner which R.N. Elliott described in his findings.In Harmonic Elliott Wave he reveals the methodology, the common ratios that lin… More >>

Harmonic Elliott Wave: The Case for Modification of R. N. Elliotts Impulsive Wave Structure

Here is a video to watch introducing Harmonic Elliot wave.

A case for yellow cards in the UFC. Kimbo vs. Alexander. Opinions?

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In the Japanese organizations of mixed martial arts, the pride that was, dream still does, if a fighter or fighters intentionally put of the action, does not make any attempt commence an offensive offensive, they do not try to damage the opponent, or generally do not make no attempt WIN, that receives a yellow card. A yellow card is a card of pain to be taken like a warning. If you are you emitted a yellow card, 10% of their portfolio, are deduced. If you receive three yellow cards in the course of a fight, that is disqualified. I believe that now there is a case that the yellow cards must be applied by the UFC. We take Kimbo Slice versus Houston Alexander like a shining example. I am going to go directly to her, Houston Alexander was fleeing all the fight. It sent to advanced leg weak kicks and it gave the return to the octagon as if outside returns. When tried Kimbo to initiate a change, Alexander standing up sent one, possibly, two techniques, and it retired. It did not make any attempt of " ganar" that fight. He did not make any attempt inflict damage. He did not make any attempt of fight. He is a professional fighter. There is some excuse for this? He must both have been a yellow card to minutes of the first round. I know what arguments can hope. He was following a game plan. Kimbo knew had a bad knee, and he was trying to debilitate the legs to move to kill. A valid argument. Nevertheless, if it were trying to debilitate the knee that has varied their attack, it sent more than a lead kick without being able behind him, and initiated some of the actions at least. Feint to Kimbo, tries to obtain the crossing of its feet, cuts and a hard angle of attack. It could have done something. A flagrant strategy in fleeing does not exist. Another valid argument would be that it did not want to be expensive to face and the commerce with Kimbo. Who would want to do that? He is not intelligent. But there are things that you can do. If you are as much scared to participate that to flee from all the fight, it does not accept the fight. work of feet use, to attack when an opening appears, if you do not feel like an opening is present, to create one! Kimbo is not a teacher with its work of feet, nor is a strategist. Something could have, and must have, done. Now I do not put all the fault in Houston, Kimbo could have done much more to itself. Kimbo was a round AMAZING second. It showed much well, therefore the cleared abilities. Even so, it could have reduced to an angle and sent the hands, it could have watched Alexander, it cuts the ring it put, it against the cage and it jeopardize. It made a pair of times. He was not perfect, it tried but it. How to fight against that you do not want to fight? Even so, Kimbo must also have sent a yellow card. Now I know that it could have complications in securing the approval of different the state commissions of athletics, but is not-feasible. There is an argument in favor of the practice. As far as that they think that the strategy goes by the window and yellow cards to only foment fights, visits dream. If you have seen Japanese of MMA, you know that yellow cards not to give back to all the fights in fights room of bar. There is a very strategic number of combatants that they work very well with the yellow card rule in his place. (Shinya Aoki, for example.) Nobody must have to stupidly do two boys circle around the cage during 9 minutes of a fight of 15 minutes. Which are their opinions? You the minus I believe that the option must consider? I realize of which many of these combatants are not making much money, but when it is evident that it is suspended, and it is evident that it does not want to fight, that there is to do something. Once again, I am a fighter reason why I feel that I can say this, if you do not want to fight that is well, but are not fought. (So that it consists, I do not believe that the fight was corrected. I do not believe that Houston wanted to have nothing to do with the fight of Kimbo.)