when funding a forex account, do you need to give the company a copy of your passport and utility bill?

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I am looking to open an eToro account and I am not comfortable with giving a copy of my passport and a utility bill to the company, are these things necessary? Also if you have a good forex site for people with small amounts of funds such as myself, what would you be using? Thank you.
Have you guys used etoro? I like how its setup and the pips are really low. Plus the starting amount is very small.

The Forex Trader’s Bill of Rights

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Product Description
The Forex Trader’s Bill of Rights is a manifesto. In 10 short chapters it takes on the oligarchy that rules forex trading, citing the worst practices and recommending specific rights individual traders should insist on. The book’s approach is high-minded but not visionary. While its stated objective is to make forex trading more transparent, more efficient, and fair, the rights it proposes are grounded in the reality of trading today. Rather than star-gazi… More >>

The Forex Trader’s Bill of Rights

Obamacare — What are the True Costs of this Bill?

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Here are a couple of items that you may want to consider as part of the costs of the Obamacare Bill (apart from the $950 Billion in projectd dollar costs over 10 years).

The U. S. Congress has been completely and totally paralysed for a year.

This paralysis, due to the focus on Obamacare, has resulted in total inaction on:

(1) Reforming U. S. Trade policy so that it is consistent with keeping good jobs in USA instead of exporting them to China and India.

(2) Reforming Border Security so that we don’t have another 4 million people flowing across the Mexico-Texas border in 2010, like we had in 2009.

(3) Keeping the Department of Homeland Security operating in a rational manner so that terrorists don’t get all the way to Detroit with their bombs before being tackled.

(4) Using the money in the Stimulus Bill to actually create some jobs in USA for Americans (not just reward Obama political cronies, unionists, and state employees).

(5) Enacting some sort of bill to regulate Banks and Financial institutions that are “too big to fail” and to moderate the $50 million bonus packages that they pay their senior executives.

(6) Developing an energy policy for USA so that we are not 100% dependent on OPEC to do favors for us and sell us cheap oil, after we wear turbans and bow to them.

(7) Getting Pay-as-you-Go established as Federal law so that we don’t impose massive financial burdens on future generations and endanger our currency.

(8) Closing down two useless wars by leaving the places where they are happening, thereby saving three trillion dollars a year and several thousand American lives each year these wars go on. Re-framing the mission so that it contains two elements (a) kill the enemy and (b) come home immediately after. Re-strategizing so that a behind the wire predator based strategy is used to kill Taliban and Al Qaeda, and appointing new and smarter flag officers who do not wish to take, clear and hold ground, and who do not wish to win hearts and minds, and who do not seek to wage counter-insurgency warfare, and who do not seek to build any nations, bring democracy to anyone, or run a meals-on-wheels program in dysfunctional badlands. Install flag officers whose only wish is to kill the enemy quickly, cheaply, and efficiently, and then come home forthwith.

These are the hidden costs of Obamacare. The results of our national paralysis. These costs, taken together, are already greater than the CBO projected costs of Obamacare over the next 10 years.

Combine this with the fact that this week is not the end. The end will come only when Obama is out of office. Until then this nightmare of national paralysis and distraction will go on and on and on. It’s Congress on Curare. Why not stuff it and put it in the window, with glass eyes.

Bottom line: America is not getting the benefit of any of its tax dollars as long as the Obamacare Chinese Fire Drill goes on and on and on ad infinitum. Also, it’s not getting any healthcare legislation, or any insurance reform legislation. It’s getting a great big bag of nothing in exchange for many trillions of dollars paid in taxes to the Federal government, at a time when many people are out of work and barely able to hang on to their homes.

What are the true costs of Obamacare? Do they include some things that perhaps the CBO will not be reporting? (like those mentioned above)?

No clowns on this one, please. Thank you so much.