when funding a forex account, do you need to give the company a copy of your passport and utility bill?

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I am looking to open an eToro account and I am not comfortable with giving a copy of my passport and a utility bill to the company, are these things necessary? Also if you have a good forex site for people with small amounts of funds such as myself, what would you be using? Thank you.
Have you guys used etoro? I like how its setup and the pips are really low. Plus the starting amount is very small.

What are the margin requirements to maintain a account in forex trading?

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FOREX TRADING- What is the best way to remove money from my account while being taxed the smallest amount?

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I am a Canadian individual who wants to know how to withdrawl money from the account while being taxed the least amount possible. Would it be best to leave it as a personal account or turn it into a business or private company account?

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