Forex Education – The Key Elements Of A Successful Forex Trading Strategy

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An essential part of educacià ³ n of Forex for a new operator is to know the elements key that the éxito of the strategy of operations of Forex must contain to reach the éxito. Aquà we are going to see in all the points mÃs outstanding. MayorÃa of the retailers to lose, asà that asegúrese to have all these key elements, that before beginning with the commerce. We throw a look to key points 1. Commerce VÃlido terms market mayorÃa of the retailers of Forex noise not to try to take the hairy leather or of daily transactions, but this estÃcondemned the failure; all the short term volatileness is at random reason why it cannot win. MayorÃa of robots también the commerce of short term Forex and I saw that it generates 20 operations to the week! Sé that the retailers who make gains of three dÃgitos and the commerce to less than than in año. frequency of negociacià ³ n not estÃligature to the yield, which the commerce marks vÃlidos time and that it means that these long term tendencies después or the commerce of swing. It only leaves of commerce dÃa unless it wants to lose rÃpidamente. 2. Simple metodologÃa and does not curve fit the system Ideally only must be simple a few rules and that is everything. Complicated systems lose because they have too many elements to break and to make that it is simple Forex is the way to obtain gains is asÃ, olvÃdate of being intelligent. También the system does not have a posteriori to be a curve of the installed system. The adjustment of curves is where you keep to break the rules, until some gain is obtained on rich data histà ³ but, by all means, the data never one is repeated exactly and the pérdidas ones of the system. If you want to see a good example of adjustment of curves, watched in ningún robot of Forex, great gains in retrospective and the pérdidas ones in the commerce in real time. 3. Commerce of the reality of Change in the price to forget the people who say the prices to you moves to some teorÃa mÃhigh s and is order in the movement of the prices does not exist. You estÃof negociacià ³ n of the probabilities based on the market and negociacià ³ n of probabilities, noncertainties. When one is a market based on the probabilities that the reality needs for the commerce the change prices and not to predict. prediccià ³ n is the hope or the condemned guesses itself and to the failure, reason why she leaves inversià ³ n of people far. Commerce the reality of the change of prices, not where you think that the prices can go and you tendrÃthe probabilities of their side and that are what the éxito of operations of Forex is based on. 4. Administracià ³ n of the money and the VolatilityMost retailers to think that administracià ³ n of the money takes care of sà same, but not and cuÃndo is stopped working to end, is necessary to consider desviacià ³ n estÃto ndar of the prices of the market that estÃn negotiating, not sé what is? HÃGallic part of its essential educacià ³ n of Forex! You necessity to place top to protect itself but asegúrese of which estÃn outside the chance volatileness. If you want to win in Forex, you need to learn cà ³ mo to do this, is the same base of éxito in the currency TRADING. Recapitulacià ³ n Its objective is to make money and that means intelligent work it do not last. OlvÃdate of negociacià ³ n much, to be intelligent or trying to predict. It maintains his strategy of operations of Forex simple and robust and to lend atencià ³ n to the volatileness of the market in stock market. If he follows the points in this artÃculo, to include/understand them and to construct their strategy around them, take you to the éxito of currency interchange.

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